As we work on projects, we develop them using a Work Process Analysis (WPA) system. WPA is diagrammed below. This method of assuring quality in your practice is one that we use across Progressus Foundation and our associated organizations.

In the list of our projects below, the step within WPA that we are currently on is noted.

Transforming Fields through Quality Projects

These are some of the current projects that we have in the works.   

Traditional Higher Education – Reimagined

Step 5

We are currently working with a college to re-design how they will offer their traditional programming, implement a quality mindset across the institution, and grow them beyond their current student population.  

Denominational/Church Fellowship Design

Step 1

One group we are working with is working on establishing a strong fellowship or denomination for churches in Africa (currently) to support their needs.  

MicroCourse Curriculum Model

Step 5

We are working on the development of a microcourse model for higher education that goes beyond “normal” online education and makes education more digestible for learners in higher education and the workplace.

Quality-Based Online K-12 Curriculum

Step 1

We are working on the constructs to be included in a quality-based online K-12 curriculum, including:

  • Quality Management Values base with certification
  • Built-in Course Materials (textbooks, etc.)
  • Dual Degree high school program awarding associate’s and high school diploma

Workforce Development Training

Step 1

At times, members of the workforce are not prepared to effectively grow in the quality culture being implemented.  To that end, we are researching the needs of the underprepared workforce to include:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing & Communication
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Logic & Reasoning

Higher Education Compliance Training

Step 5

For many institutions of higher learning, current compliance training programs do not match their philosophical and worldview values. The project takes into account worldview issues while covering the compliance issues needed.  Currently in development is a Title IX and Biblical Culture training program for higher education institutions.  

Cultivated Library

Step 2

One of the issues that we have noted in education is that many of the courses being offered are greatly affected by textbooks that lack a Biblical worldview. Further, publishing companies control the timing and content of any updates. To this end, Progressus Foundation is working to develop a model, in consultation with our CPA and attorney, that would allow writers of books to grant us electronic use of books they have written for developing courses. Additionally, with the mass-release of Artificial Intelligence tools, we are researching ways to develop custom textbooks with a solid Biblical worldview and topic coverage.

Asymmetric Faith

Step 4

For many, institutional church is not an option as they consider developing a personal faith in Jesus Christ.  Asymmetric Faith is a resource to those looking for personal relationship without the trappings and shortcomings of authoritarian institutional church structures.