The Progressus Foundation is focused on quality transformation of the organization. In working with individuals and organizations, our team recognized that so many either had a shallow understanding of what quality is and how it affects the organization, or they felt that they did not have the resources to pursue quality. Those are the problems that led to the formation of Progressus Foundation. Progressus Foundation assists individuals to better understand quality constructs and provide resources to help individuals and organizations achieve them.

Organizations cannot simply hire the Progressus Foundation. The model that we use in working with organizations is that we reach out to them based on how we determine that we might help them. We have affiliated companies through the Progressus Companies that organizations may hire for various services.   

We have also been working on projects that will affect the field with quality. You can see some of our projects in process on the Projects page.



Quality Management education comes in partnership with the Quality Management Institute. Through our partnership, we can design custom quality management certification that will form a foundation for the change your organization needs.  

Whether it is a select group like your leadership team or you make the training part of your organizational orientation, the certification process will become the foundation of growth and health in your organization.  


During the certification training, in the planning phases, and in the implementation, our team mentors your leaders to make sure that they are effectively learning and applying the eight quality management values.  

Our team designs a mentoring plan and will meet with your leaders regularly for discussion and planning.  Most of this happens virtually but onsite visits also are important to observe the culture and operations.    


Once the team has been trained and mentoring is in process, implementation of quality methods and practices across the organization is vital for organizational growth and health.

As we a step in the implementation process, our team completes a Quality Systems Review where we analyze: 

  • Leadership & Organizational Structures
  • Financial Systems
  • Assessment Practices
  • Committees & Working Teams
  • Credentials & Qualifications
  • Training Systems
  • Liability & Leverage
  • Marketing, Enrollment, Products, &
  • Public Relations & Reputation
  • Gridlock & Exigency Strategies